Clinical Supervision


I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor and have been working in clinical practice for  30 years in various agencies both voluntary and statutory and in private practice.

I have many years of experience of providing clinical supervision to counsellors and other mental health practitioners. I offer a safe, supportive space to assist professional development.

I am listed as a Metanoia Person Centred (Msc and BA) and Humanistic Supervisor.

I suggest we meet for an initial supervision session to see how we might work together. The fee for individual supervision with me is £80 per hour.

The Values and Beliefs that Underpin my Supervision Practice:

In order to provide effective supervision I believe I need to create an environment that can facilitate reflection, insight and learning.  My fundamental values and beliefs about supervision are centred on the quality of my relationship with the supervisee and our working alliance.  The values that enable me to provide a supportive relationship are of mutual trust, respect, honesty, integrity, authenticity, transparency and empathy.  I aim to maintain these values consistently in order to create a safe containing space for supervisees to be able to reflect on process, to heighten their understanding and to increase their insight.

As a supervisee I found that I developed and thrived professionally when I was offered a supportive environment.  My capacity to learn and reflect increased and I became open to feedback.

In addition to the above which also relates to my counselling practice, I believe it is important to include issues of the power differential inherent in the supervisory relationship. I am mindful of the balance between support and challenge and of the importance of my own consultative support for my supervision practice to ensure I am a reflective practitioner and that I am ‘on the right track’.

What I hope to achieve in my supervision practice is to set up a relationship with the supervisee so that they can increase their insight and reflection feeling safe and supported.